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Discover Homemakers, a reputable furniture and bedding store built on a legacy of over 60 years. Originally formed as a buying group of independent furniture retailers, Homemakers has steadfastly upheld its philosophy of empowering members with enhanced marketing and buying capabilities while preserving their cherished independence. At Homemakers, the owners of each store actively manage and operate their establishments, embodying a strong sense of community and local commitment. With deep-rooted local interest, knowledge, and dedication, Homemakers delivers a personalised shopping experience tailored to the unique needs of their market. Experience the difference of a furniture and bedding store that combines collective strength with individualised service.






Digital Marketing, Content Creation & Social Media Management

The objective

Admedia made a significant impact on Homemakers' brand by delivering exceptional content creation, design, and branding services. As a national furniture franchise, Homemakers required a cohesive brand image that would resonate with customers across different locations. Our team worked closely with Homemakers to develop a compelling brand story, create visually appealing designs, and generate engaging content that showcased their product range and value proposition. Through our collaborative efforts, we successfully positioned Homemakers as a trusted and stylish furniture destination, helping them attract and retain customers nationwide.

THe results

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