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INTERSPORT Australia is the leading destination for sports enthusiasts. As the world's largest sporting retail group, INTERSPORT Australia has rapidly grown since its establishment in 2014, now boasting over 70 locally owned and operated stores nationwide. With a passion for community and professional sports, INTERSPORT Australia is committed to providing top-quality sporting goods, equipment, and apparel to individuals of all levels. Embracing the belief that everyone deserves a place in sport, INTERSPORT Australia strives to inspire, unite, and transform lives through the power of sports.






Content Creation, Design & Media Buying.

The objective

For INTERSPORT Australia, Admedia provided a comprehensive range of services including Content Creation (photography, videography, and edits), Design, and Media Buying. Through our collaboration, we developed captivating visual content that showcased the brand's products, athletes, and engaging sports moments. Our skilled team crafted visually appealing designs that effectively conveyed the essence of INTERSPORT's offerings. Additionally, we strategically executed media buying campaigns to maximise brand visibility and reach the target audience. By leveraging our expertise in these areas, we helped INTERSPORT Australia enhance their brand image and effectively engage with customers across various local and national platforms.

THe results

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