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Lower Murray Water is a leading provider of water services to the northwest region of Victoria. With a steadfast commitment to a healthy and sustainable water future, Lower Murray Water envisions a community where water resources are managed responsibly. The organisation's core business revolves around meeting the diverse and evolving needs of its customers and community by delivering reliable and secure water services. With a focus on long-term water management, Lower Murray Water plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being and prosperity of the region it serves.


Lower Murray Water



Branding, Design & Content Creation

The objective

Through our expertise in branding, web development, design, and content creation, we successfully revitalised Lower Murray Water's identity to better resonate with their target audience. Our team developed a cohesive brand strategy that captured the essence of their services and values, while also designing a visually appealing website that showcased their offerings and facilitated seamless user experiences. We created engaging and informative content that effectively communicated Lower Murray Water's commitment to delivering reliable and sustainable water services to the community. By leveraging our comprehensive branding and digital solutions, Admedia helped Lower Murray Water strengthen their brand reputation, expand their online reach, and effectively engage with their customers in the region.

THe results


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