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Mallee Accommodation and Support Program (MASP) is a non-profit organisation committed to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and families in the Mallee region. MASP adopts a holistic and client centred approach to its work, aiming to provide comprehensive support and assistance to those in need. With a core purpose of empowering the community to overcome challenges related to homelessness, abuse, poverty, and disadvantage, MASP envisions thriving Mallee communities where everyone can lead safe, secure, healthy, and fulfilling lives.






Branding, Design, Web Development, & Content Creation.

The objective

To create a rebrand for MASP that is In line with their unwavering commitment to empowering the community and fostering positive change. The brand update embodies the essence of hope, vitality, and positivity that MASP brings into the lives of those they work with and will be carried through all communication materials, including signage, promotional content, and digital platforms. MASP’s vision of thriving individuals and families leading secure and fulfilling lives remains at the heart of this rebrand. Bright and bold colours have been used along with meaningful shapes, to serve as a visual representation of the resilience and strength that their clients exhibit in their pursuit of a better future and symbolise the clients and the transformative journeys they embark upon.

THe results

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