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MCMA (Mallee Catchment Management Authority) serves as the key organisation overseeing the management of natural resources in the expansive Mallee region. Encompassing an area stretching from Nyah to the South Australian Border along the Victorian side of the Murray River, and extending southward to towns like Birchip, the MCMA covers an impressive 39,939 square kilometres. The primary objective of MCMA is to ensure the integrated and ecologically sustainable management of the region's natural resources. As the leading entity responsible for delivering natural resource programs in the Mallee, MCMA operates on the foundation of scientific expertise, forging meaningful partnerships with government agencies, local organisations like landcare, and community groups throughout the Victorian Mallee. By combining knowledge, collaboration, and community engagement, MCMA plays a vital role in safeguarding and enhancing the natural heritage of the Mallee region.






Content Creation, Design, Photography, Strategic Communications

The objective

Through our expertise in content creation, we have produced a series of captivating videos that showcase the great work undertaken by MCMA in managing and preserving the Mallee catchment area. Our team worked closely with MCMA to understand their goals and objectives, ensuring that each video effectively communicated their initiatives, projects, and environmental conservation efforts. We captured the beauty of the Mallee region and highlighted the impactful work carried out by MCMA in protecting and enhancing the natural resources, biodiversity, and sustainability of the catchment area.

THe results


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