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Mildura City Heart


Mildura City Heart is a bustling shopping and dining precinct nestled in the heart of Mildura. With over 300 specialty shops, restaurants, and services, it’s a favorite among locals and visitors. This vibrant area boasts locally owned boutiques, popular brand stores, lively bars, and cafes. As a central meeting place, Mildura City Heart hosts various events, including festivals, live music, and family-friendly activities. Managed by a community-based board, the precinct aims to enhance the quality of life by continually improving its offerings. From shopping to dining to community engagement, Mildura City Heart offers a dynamic and enriching experience for all.


Mildura City Heart



Branding, Design, Web Development, & Content Creation.

The objective

To undertake a dynamic and vibrant rebranding initiative for Mildura City Heart that draws inspiration from the vivid colors of Mildura’s landscape, diverse community, and iconic landmarks. The aim is to rejuvenate the visual identity of the precinct, adding a lively and inviting aura that resonates with both residents and visitors, and to amplify the essence of unity, culture, and progress that defines Mildura.

THe results


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