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Mildura Ski Club is the beloved hub of water sports and recreational activities along the scenic Murray River. Founded in 1959, this not-for-profit organisation serves the community by promoting water skiing and providing a safe and welcoming environment for boating, skiing, and water enthusiasts. With its stunning location and a strong membership base of 300 individuals, Mildura Ski Club offers access to picturesque lawns, a private sandbar, and breathtaking views of the river. It is renowned for hosting the exhilarating Mildura Ski 100, attracting top water skiers from across the country. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, Mildura Ski Club invites you to embrace the vibrant atmosphere, soak up the sun, and relish the unparalleled experiences the Murray River has to offer.


Mildura Ski Club



Branding, Design, Web Development, & Content Creation.

The objective

Admedia transformed the digital presence of Mildura Ski Club through our content creation, branding, design, and web development expertise. We crafted compelling videos that showcased the exhilarating water ski races and upcoming events. Our branding and design team created a visually cohesive and memorable brand identity, capturing the essence of the club's water sports culture. Additionally, our web development team built a user-friendly website that served as a central hub for members and attracted new participants. Overall, our efforts enhanced Mildura Ski Club's brand presence and engagement to establish its reputation as a premier destination for water sports enthusiasts.

THe results


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