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Mildura Rural City Council


MRCC (Mildura Rural City Council) serves as the governing body for the Mildura region, encompassing a diverse and expansive rural area. With a commitment to fostering the growth and prosperity of the community, MRCC works diligently to provide essential services, strategic planning, and efficient management for the region. As a local government authority, MRCC strives to enhance the quality of life for residents and promote sustainable development. Through collaborative efforts with community stakeholders, MRCC aims to create a vibrant and inclusive environment, where residents can thrive, businesses can flourish, and the natural assets of the region can be preserved for future generations.


Mildura Rural City Council



Branding, Design, Content Creation, & Media Buying.

The objective

Admedia played a pivotal role in supporting the Mildura Rural City Council (MRCC) through comprehensive content creation, design, branding, and strategic media buying. We worked closely with MRCC to develop engaging and informative content that effectively communicated their initiatives, services, and events to the community. Our team also implemented visually appealing design elements and branding strategies to enhance MRCC's visual identity and strengthen its presence across various channels. Through targeted media buying, we ensured that MRCC's messages reached the right audience, maximising their impact and engagement. Our collaborative efforts with MRCC helped them effectively connect with the community, increase awareness of their programs and services, and foster positive relationships with residents and stakeholders.

THe results

A vibrant and varied colour palette combined with a geometric kaleidoscope pattern creates and frames all aspects of life the council has to represent. A complete redrawn and colour corrected set of master logos were delivered to give a high quality and flexible brandmark that could be used across all forms of communication with maximum clarity and consistency. Detailed templates for all internal and external collateral and brand guidelines were developed in conjunction with the brand development which streamlined and strengthened the brand identity to ensure consistency for years to come.


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