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Sub Zero, the iconic vodka RTD drink of the 90s, has made a triumphant return to the Australian market. Known for its refreshing and crisp taste, Sub Zero is back to delight nostalgic fans and entice new buyers with its sophisticated flavour profile. This revitalised version maintains the original appeal while incorporating a fresh and modern look. Perfectly suited for hot summer days or celebratory occasions with friends, Sub Zero is the ultimate choice for those seeking a revitalizing citrus pre-mix with a touch of nostalgia.


Sub Zero



Branding and Design

The objective

After two decades, Sub Zero, one of the original and beloved RTDs from the 90s, is making a stylish comeback on the Australian scene. We did a complete brand refresh to bring a revitalised appearance to the brand to capture Sub Zero's sophisticated essence. The packaging retains the sleek aesthetic of the original beverage while incorporating modern updates to reenter the market.

THe results

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