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Tabletop Grapes, born from Gino and Elina Garreffa's passion for the land, has flourished for over 40 years in Mildura, Victoria. Their commitment to producing premium-quality, chemical-free dried fruit and exquisite table grapes has earned them international recognition and multiple awards. From their sun-kissed vineyards and fertile soil to their dedication to true, natural flavours, Tabletop Grapes is a name synonymous with excellence in the industry.


Tabletop Grapes



Branding, Design, Content Creation, & Web Development.

The objective

Admedia's expertise in branding, web development, design, and content creation played a pivotal role in transforming Tabletop Grapes, a Mildura-based chemical-free dried fruit company. Through our collaborative efforts, we crafted a captivating brand identity, developed a user-friendly website, and created engaging content that highlighted Tabletop Grapes' commitment to quality and sustainability. Our comprehensive services helped Tabletop Grapes establish a strong online presence, attract a wider customer base, and position themselves as a leading provider of premium, chemical-free dried fruit.

THe results

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