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Victorian Murray Floodplain Restoration Project is a collective partnership between the government and five water and land management authorities. The (VMFRP) will get much needed water back onto nine high-value floodplains along the Murray River restoring the natural flow and diversity for future generations to enjoy.






Branding, Design, Content Creation and Web Development

The objective

To represent and bring together so many management authorities, the brand was carefully developed from the projects initial inception. Beginning with a naming strategy, which then gave the project a clear direction and informed the brand development. Brand guidelines, marketing collateral, content creation and website design and development were all required before project launch.

THe results

The brandmark is a symbolic reference of the coming together and cooperative nature of the project. The visual language brings the natural colours and textures of the unique areas into an instantly recognisable and friendly platform. Giving a strong and unified resource for all water and land management authorities to proudly stand behind. With an ongoing relationship of content creation, Admedia is proud to see the results and development of each region year on year.

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