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Content is king, queen and the whole deck of cards.

We've got aces. What do you need in your hand?

Making creative things that people call content is why we come to work every morning. It could be a YouTube video, a social media campaign on Insta or an international television ad campaign. It could be brochures, digital ads or a brand spanking new website. Developing creative assets is a massive part of our work and our passion for what we do. We are above all things — creative. Our agency DNA is unique because we make so much creative content with in-house talent. We have a full in-house production capability. We can film, shoot, fly drones, record, edit, design and bedazzle images. Most importantly, we can tell your brand story creatively. Can we develop content for you? Too right we can.

Impactful Results


We’re visual creatures. Images are catnip for eyeballs, so using strong images is the fastest way to grab your customers’ attention and hold it. We can use photography to capture your landscapes, portraits, processes and products. Connect immediately with your audience through great images.


Video is loved by consumers — HubSpot found that 50% prefer video to other content. Videos are fun, personal and interactive. They are relatable and ideal for conveying stories. People share videos more than other content and video ads offer brands a great way to express themselves.


Drones are excellent for capturing photos and videos from a unique perspective. A bird’s eye view can provide audiences with an overview that is impossible to get otherwise. Highlight your scale of operations when you use our CASA-licenced drone operators to show off your best assets.


Animation can bring your message to life. It can help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace, deliver emotion to your message and easily explain complex ideas. Animation is a timeless format that people love to share on social media, boosting your reach and conversions.

We know all there is to know about content creation

We believe that impactful content is the lifeblood of your brand. We know crafting a narrative that truly resonates with your audience requires more than just throwing words against the wall - It's an intricate process, combining understanding, empathy, and strategy.


Here at Admedia, we don't simply churn out content. We become partners in your storytelling journey. We delve deep into the heart of your brand, unearthing your core values, unique personality, and the very soul of your message. We talk to your team, your customers, and even your competitors, gathering insights that paint just the right picture to your target audience.


This isn't a one-size-fits-all game. We tailor our approach to each client, understanding that your voice is distinct, your story unique. We become students of your industry, immersing ourselves in the trends, challenges, and aspirations that resonate with your audience.


But one piece of content doesn't solve all your advertising problems - that's where our strategic expertise comes in. We understand the nuances of each platform, the algorithms that guide their visibility, and the psychology of audience engagement. We ensure your content reaches the right people at the right time, resonating with their pain points, aspirations, and needs.


And because the marketing landscape is ever-evolving, we never stop refining your narrative. We track, analyse, and optimise your content performance, adjusting our approach based on audience feedback and real-time data. We ensure your voice remains fresh, relevant, and always engaging.


At Admedia, we believe content is more than just marketing; it's the bridge between your brand and your audience. We don't just create content; we build connections, fostering trust and loyalty through every word, image, and story.


Ready to transform your brand story through content? Let's chat – we're eager to help you take your marketing to the next level.

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Lee and Golding
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Mildura Rural City Council
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Sub Zero
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What Our
Clients say

Courtney Mills
Homemakers Furniture & Bedding
Sona Michalkova
Mallee Accommodation Support Program
Danielle Hobbs
Mildura City Heart
"Professionalism, dedication"
We have partnered with Admedia as our national media and marketing provider since 2010. Adam and his team have been an instrumental part of Homemakers Furniture’s marketing strategy and our growth as a group during this time.

Admedia's professionalism, dedication, and innovative approach have consistently delivered excellent results. We are grateful for their ongoing partnership and look forward to continued success together.
"Understands our vision"
The Mallee Accommodation & Support Program (MASP) has had an exceptionally positive experience working with AdMedia. Their professional approach and outstanding service have truly exceeded our expectations. From rebranding to captivating photoshoots and a remarkable website redesign, AdMedia has consistently delivered high-quality outcomes.

They have demonstrated an incredible ability to understand and translate our organisation's vision into impactful marketing materials. Moreover, their team is always approachable and attentive to our needs.

Admedia has undoubtedly fostered a long-term relationship with MASP, and we wholeheartedly recommend their services to any organisation seeking exceptional advertising expertise.
"Admedia is an extension of MCH"
Admedia has been an extension of Mildura City Heart for several years now, managing and producing all areas of Marketing, Advertising and Communications across events, trader profiles, and everything city precinct.

Whether it’s graphic design and branding, videography and photography for marketing assets or television commercials, the results produced by Admedia has supported MCH in achieving a strong brand and precinct culture to support our local business and traders.

We have loved working with the Admedia team and look forward to a long working partnership to come.

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